Professional Fashion For Fall

Professional Fashion For Fall | Jasmine Mastrolia

Fall is here – the weather is cooling down, the leaves are starting to change, and pumpkin spice is starting to pop up everywhere. That means it’s also time to adjust your work wardrobe. Pantone’s released their fall and winter color palette, and there are some bright colors this year! Contrary to popular belief, there is no reason to avoid going bold at work, as long as you use the colors right, so I put together some outfit ideas that will keep you styling while looking professional.

Evening Blue + Fruit Dove

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The pink is bold, right? I like how the navy anchors this, and by using it in classically professional outfits, it keeps the pink from being overpowering. For men, I used the pink as more of a minor accent color, simply because in the U.S., men tend to shy away from or even get mocked for wearing pink. If you want to go a bit bolder, trade out the white shirt for the bright rosy color.

Biking Red + Paloma

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Ah, classic burgundy. Always popular in the fall, I love the contrast of the rich, dark red against this dove gray. You can’t tell from the picture, but the tie is actually charcoal and pale pink, which kind of ties (no pun intended) everything together. For the ladies, those t-strap heels are so mind-blowingly comfortable, you can’t believe it – like walking on clouds.

Rocky Road + Dark Cheddar

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I really can’t decide if it’s dark yellow or bright orange. Regardless, paired with the brown, it just looks like fall leaves, so I’m on board. For women, the plaid coat is amazing, and I think the teal in the top drives home that fall feel – and lets you get a bit wild with the shoes (and the skirt should definitely be faux-leather!). For men, I thought this color was a bit better for a slightly more casual office look, which is why I opted for khakis and a sports jacket, rather than a full-on suit.

So are you incorporating fall colors into your work wardrobe?

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